Wake Up Santa Rita Juneteenth Vigil In Defense Of Black Lives

June 20th - Peaceful Vigil in Dublin, Ca at Santa Rita Jail

On Saturday, June 20th, 2020 my Essie sisters and I, along with my 17-year-old daughter met up with Initiate Justice and other women with incarcerated loved ones and people with loved ones who have been killed by police and state violence. We gathered at dawn – the time when many women and family members often prepare for long journeys to visit our incarcerated loved ones. Since COVID-19 hit, we have been cut-off from these visits and further isolated from our loved ones. As women with incarcerated loved ones, we are making demands to defund the carceral state and defend Black life—from police violence and murder in the streets to the caging and endangerment of our loved ones during a pandemic. It all must stop now.

Abolish - Santa Rita

As a woman, I fight for my family at every turn.  I show up in defense of my husband and all black lives.  This fight extends further than myself, my husband, my family and my melanin. This fight is a human fight, but I would be remiss to not shine a light on and use my power of privilege to help amplify marginalized voices.

Defund The Police

The Santa Rita Vigil also facilitated the beginning of the Lives On the Line campaign